Curriculum That Works Around Your Schedule

Through coursework and a capstone project (M.S. students only) you’ll gain expertise that is needed in the private and public sector to solve environmental problems, including groundwater modeling, contamination and bioremediation issues, analysis of geodata and other geophysical applications.
All courses are 100% online so you may complete the courses from wherever you are! Some courses have scheduled synchronous sessions online so that students have the opportunity to interact with other students in their courses along with Illinois faculty. Students that may need to miss an occasional synchronous session may work with the respective faculty member to review a recording or make other accommodations. Each class has weekly expectations and deadlines, with flexibility to allow you to complete work around your professional and personal obligations. You’ll interact with other students on a regular basis and feel like you’re part of a program with colleagues (as opposed to complete self-paced learning).

Course List

* Additional courses may be added or available and may be discussed during student advising.

** Students in the Certificate program will be advised upon admission on course selection. The GEOL 598 Capstone Research Project class is for M.S. students only.

Students pursuing the Environmental Geology Online Master’s degree will complete 32 total credit hours of coursework which will include courses from the list above and may also include other adviser-approved electives. The program requirements will conclude with 4 to 8 hours of the program capstone course (GEOL 598 Capstone Research Project). If courses are taken for the certificate sequence, they may also be applied to the Master’s degree requirements. Students should consult with a program advisor to discuss a program plan of study for the Master’s program.

Capstone Research Project

(4 or 8 credits)

The Capstone Research Project is this program’s version of a master’s thesis. During this eight-week course, students will design and create their “capstone research project” which will utilize all of the skills, knowledge, and expertise in the Environmental Geology program that they have gained throughout their program. This will allow students to apply those skills towards their own personal interests in the Environmental Geology field with guidance from faculty and industry professionals. This project will be guided and evaluated by a minimum of one Geology faculty member and other professional experts. When complete, the capstone project will be something that students can add to their professional portfolios– and could be presented as a research paper, a webinar series, a dynamic presentation, etc. This will help students establish and demonstrate their additional expertise in the field.

Certificate Curriculum

Students completing the Environmental Geology Online Graduate Certificate Program must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours offered online by the Department of Geology. This will be three or four courses (number of courses needed varies by the credit hours granted for each course). Once admitted to the Environmental Geology Online Certificate Program, students should consult a program advisor regarding course selection/sequencing based upon their particular area of interest and desired professional goals.

Certificate and M.S. Prerequisites